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Kwin Composite Supports Blur effects

The crystal window decoration typically grabs the current wallpaper and uses it as its background for the window boarders and buttons. The user can select different blending modes for nice effects, i.e. it can fade the background into the defined title bar color, or it can brighten or darken the wallpaper, as well as blur the source image to simulate a glass-like effect.

kwin composite supports blur effects


CrystalGL was a fork of the original Crystal decoration, trying to use OpenGL to speed up the eye candy and allow for nice effects and animations. It had about the same features and style but made use of extra OpenGL features, which made the decoration highly unstable and experimental, because kwin was not happy of a plugin using OpenGL. The stability depended on the OpenGL driver and deadlocks on startup were quite usual, it worked best for me on Intel platforms.

I already tried the following things:- disabled all kwin effects: no change- changed all the kwin opengl settings (opengl mode, texture filter, direct rendering etc.): no change- changed compositing type to xrender instead of opengl: blurriness is gone, but effects become slow- disabled all overrides (FSAA, Texture Filtering etc.) in the amdcccle: no change

There is the effectively mandatory window manager, which takes care of the stacking order (which windows are over which), focus changes and basic window movement and resizing. The other extension, which is optional, is X11 compositors, that can do more advanced compositing than the X server itself is capable of, like transparency, blur and a variety of other possible effects. These two programs are usually combined into a single one that does both window management and compositing.

One final thing to note is the key.Most of the configuration mentions this key, and it is the traditional Windows key on the keyboard.Most keyboards have this super key available; however, it should be remapped within this configuration file if it is not available.For example, to lock the screen, press and hold the super key, the shift key, and press the escape key.nless the mappings have changed, this will execute the swaylock application.The default configuration for swaylock will show a grey screen; however, the application is highly customizable and well documented.In addition, since the swaylock-effects is the version that was installed, there are several options available such as the blur effect, which can be seen using the following command:

Various Wayfire configuration options, including the composite special effects, maybe enabled, disabled, or configured through this application.In addition, for a more user-friendly experience, a background manager, panel, and docking application may be enabled in the configuration file:

If you use a DE with X11, then you probably have a compositor. The compositor does nice things like window shadows, animations, transparency, blur, or other effects. But it also reduces fps, adds input lag, and introduces stuttering. That's why you should disable it when running a game. You can verify that composition is disabled, by looking at your desktop effects. For example, you should not see shadows. They either vanish, or get pitch black.

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