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For all listings provided by the REBNY Listing Service: This information is not verified for authenticity or accuracy and is not guaranteed and may not reflect all real estate activity in the market. 2022 REBNY Listing Service, Inc. All rights reserved.


DAMAC Properties is part of DAMAC Group that has been shaping the Middle East's luxury real estate market since 1982, delivering iconic residential, commercial and leisure properties for sale across the region and beyond.

Money laundering through real estate takes place during three stages: placement, layering, and integration. During placement, the launderer invests illegally garnered funds in real estate through the construction or purchase of properties. During layering, the launderer mixes illicit and licit real estate transactions as part of a series of financial transactions that move funds across numerous jurisdictions and economic sectors, obscuring their origin. During integration, the generated paperwork supporting these transactions provides a plausible explanation for the source of funds, such as from property purchases or rent payments, allowing laundered money to appear clean.1 This is especially true when real estate purchases are associated with anonymous shell companies, trusts, or foundations or when nominee directors are used to obscure ownership.

Chapter 2 highlighted the role that real estate played in the development of Dubai and also how the 2008 financial crash decimated its real estate market. Historically, some funds flowing through the market have come from illicit activities, such as the Kabul Bank Ponzi scheme noted in Chapter 9 or those described in the introductory chapter.

Since 2004, HBS is a specialist in Real estate, investment, Business consulting and company incorporation in the UAE. We advise a predominantly international clientele in their real estate investments and business setup in Dubai and the UAE.

Our strong presence in the UAE since 2004 has allowed us to develop a strong expertise in the field of real estate, business consulting and company formation. With a strong local network, we are able to advise and accompany your investments, business setup and expatriation in Dubai.

Our services can cover all your needs in terms of real estate investments with turnkey solutions, promotion and tenancy management.Our company formation services help you setup and grow your business in the UAE and abroad.Our expert advice and support will help you achieve your projects serenely with a partner accompanying you beyond the transaction.

HBS Real Estate is a real estate agency accredited by the RERA under the license 1774. Enjoy our long expertise in the field of real estate in Dubaï. Access the best real estate investment deals in Dubai.

From consulting to management, we offer the most complete solution on the market. Our local knowledge, the quality of our advices, our rigor and our transparency will be your best allies in making real estate investments in Dubai.

The consumption and emissions values in the website refer to your geographical IP. This value might be unrealistic if you navigate using VPN or if the position of your Internet provider is imprecise. If you believe you are incorrectly geolocalized, contact your dealer to get valid consumption and emissions information in your area.

This Masters programme is especially suitable if you have a non-real estate related degree and desire to develop skills and knowledge in the real estate sector. The MSc will lead to exciting employment opportunities across the industry.

Investment theory and the investment decision; the nature of risk and return; the characteristics of property as an investment; the role of property in the multi-asset portfolio; the application of modern portfolio theory; introduction to international real estate portfolio analysis performance monitoring; the emergence of new financial products in the property sector, and market efficiency and the cause of mis-pricing, real estate derivatives.

This course aims to give students an understanding of: the legal framework for property management and ownership; the roles and functions of the property asset manager; the financial, legal and technical skills within the management domain; concepts and tools for sustainability management within real estate. Subjects covered by the syllabus include:

Law of contract, delict, land ownership; Strategy Management introduction and the role of management within surveying; Financial management/Sinking funds/service charges; Lease management; Marketing and negotiation; Physical property management; Concepts of obsolescence; Buy/lease/outsource decision-making and financial analysis; Real Estate management models; Scenario planning; International comparison of real estate strategies; Sustainable development, buildings and corporate social responsibility.

This course aims to achieve an understanding of the structure and functioning of the contemporary real estate market and of the factors influencing the development decision. Subjects covered by the syllabus include:

The real estate market and the property development industry; The factors influencing the development decision; The techniques of development appraisal including cashflow techniques and risk analysis; The nature of planning agreements and their impact on development appraisal; The general form and content of real estate development and investment finance; The form and content of real estate partnerships including appraisal and financing aspects.

Typically students choose to study our MSc Real Estate programme to advance their existing careers within the property and real estate industry, where they are already employed. Others are from different educational or professional backgrounds and wish to enter the industry using this qualification. This course offers students a structured path to become chartered. To read about what our students and graduates think about studying online visit our Meet our students pages.

Whatever the motivation, with strong professional links and a focus on up-to-date industry-relevant content, our Real Estate programme equips graduates with the knowledge and skills to quickly and effectively contribute to wide and varied roles within the real estate industry.

Graduates of this course are highly sought after in the real estate industry. Graduates from this area have gone on to work within some of the largest and most prestigious international real estate organisations and firms.

Dubai can be a hub for you to attract buyers to your local market. For example, if targeting India or Russia seems daunting and complicated, you may want to tap into these communities in Dubai; chances are they bought in cash and may be looking to the U.S. as well to diversify their international real estate portfolio.

Best of all, the National Association of REALTORS has a partner group in Dubai called the Dubai Real Estate Institute, a grouping of professionals who subscribe to a code of ethics compatible with NARs and meet strict criteria to practice real estate there. Within this group you will find fellow CIPSs, CRSs, ABRs, and International REALTOR members all who understand the REALTOR name and REALTOR brand, and are eager to share their credentials and establish business connections. Consider Dubai as a target market to attract not only buyers from the Middle East but in other key markets as well.

Formed in early 2021 by partners with almost 20 years experience in the Dubai residential real estate market, Williams International Real Estate has been formed with the prime goal of giving an honest, informative and professional service no matter the clients needs as well as giving brokers or anyone else under the WIRE umbrella a platform for real success in a positive and fair working environment.

New two-part TV show, Dubai Hustle, airing on the BBC aims to show how the burgeoning Dubai real estate market is progressing and whether a group of ten British agents can make it in the future-facing territory.

The Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA; Arabic: مؤسسة التنظيم العقاري) is a government agency to regulate the real estate sector in Dubai, the governmental Dubai Land Department. It's a head agency which forms, regulates and authorizes the real estate sector in Dubai. RERA was founded on 31 July 2007 by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai.

To set policies and plans in the real estate sector in Dubai in order to increase foreign investments. RERA is a part of Dubai Land Resources Department. The agency has its own financial and administrative independence with full legal authority to regulate the real estate sector in Dubai.

RERA also informs people on regulatory acts when buying and renting the real estate in Dubai.[1] Land resources can be in security until the building up is finished. The land can be divided but only after a certain approval according local planning. The land given cannot be either bought nor sold until the written direction of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashed Al Maktoum is received. According to the policy of confidentiality the Dubai Land Department doesn't publish any information about its clients. Information about the land conditions can be given when the Dubai Land Department studies the condition of Land relations.

In November 2013, Dubai Land Department launched an online real estate portal designed for sale, rental and auctions of properties, as well as for exchanging private and public real estate information.[2]

In another positive development, CBRE anticipates a positive outlook for the real estate sectors across the Middle East in 2023, as elevated oil prices and resolute economic growth are expected to support strong levels of occupier and investment activity.

Taimur Khan, head of Research for Mena at CBRE in Dubai, said GCC economies and real estate markets, on the whole, are expected to continue to see performance levels remain relatively strong over the coming year, despite the weaker global economic backdrop. 041b061a72


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