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After the buyout, IO Interactive owned the intellectual property (IP) of Hitman and decided to make the first episode free-to-play. The number of players nearly tripled and a significant portion of them bought the full game, ensuring a steady revenue for the studio. Due to limited manpower, the team had to limit the scale of the sequel and many planned features were cut. Development of Hitman 2 progressed quickly due to the foundation of Hitman (2016), which was originally designed as a platform known as World of Assassination to allow the developer to add content. The late success of Hitman helped IO Interactive show there was a demand for this type of game, and the studio secured additional funding for the game's production.[25] Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment signed to publish the sequel after partnering with IO Interactive on the Definitive Edition of Hitman.[26] The game was declared gold on 27 September 2018, meaning it was being prepared for duplication and release.[27]


Warner Bros. announced Hitman 2 on 7 June 2018.[43] The game did not follow its predecessor's episodic release model after the developers received negative feedback from players of the first game.[44] Players who pre-ordered the game gained immediate access to Sniper Assassin mode. In July 2018, IO Interactive announced a competition for Sniper Assassin players; the top-three players with the highest scores would have the opportunity to have their names and likeness incorporated into the game's post-release content.[45] Hitman 2 was released worldwide for PlayStation 4, Windows, and Xbox One on 13 November 2018,[46] although those who pre-ordered the game's gold edition gained access to the game four days earlier.[47] On 1 September 2020, IO Interactive released Hitman 2 for Google Stadia.[48] The first level was made free-to-play on 27 February 2019.[49]

Can someone please explain to me what you get in hitman 2 gold edition that you don't get in the expansion? I already have the legacy levels from hitman 1,so does that mean I just need the expansion and not gold edition for the hitman 2 levels?

I already own Hitman 1 because it was offered last year with PS+ (i don't know what edition it was) and I was able to 100% the first season with it, but I don't know if it's enough to unlock these levels in hitman 2. 041b061a72


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