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[P3D] Lockheed Martin - Prepar3D Professional V2.4.11570.0 Free Download |LINK|

The new FSX 1.0.3 Update is now available and as with any big release for FSX, tweaks and adjustments are needed to make it compatible with the development changes released with the release of Prepar3D 5.4. It is available to download directly from the FSX website and Prepar3D 5.4 as well.

[P3D] Lockheed Martin - Prepar3D Professional V2.4.11570.0 Free Download


Personally, I had to do some cleanup to get my Oculus HMD to work with the simulator. Although, once your VR tools are configured, it is very easy to enjoy and use the simulator. Some of the tools are a little bit difficult to figure out. I think Lockheed Martin should redesign some of the program to make it easier to learn and understand. I'm sure there is a lot of information and videos out there but it might be better if they're better organized and easy to understand. In any case, this is a great product and I'm sure it will make for a great flight simulator once the stars align in one of our daily vlogs.

The other option is that if you are serious about Prepar3D and want to get your hands on the latest release, then you can download the Prepar3D training from your developer, however, you won't find documentation or support with this version.

Initially announced by MSFS in early January Lockheed Martin said the following in a statement "Our intention is to launch a consumer version in 2012 and the new features will give pilots the ability to experience the ease of flightsim with all the feel and nuances of flying a real aircraft,"

Considering the new features already available in Prepar3D it may be some time before the aviation simulation turns professional. Those who have used Prepar3D are used to the ingore the usual computer jargon and for most of them, to not think of the simulation as a machine but a plane. By that token, the announcement may be all too revolutionary for some and is almost the antithesis of the hard core who has gathered enough skills to fly an aircraft without the aid of a computer. There is no doubt that Prepar3D v5 will add many new features but even so, in most cases, the hardest part will still be the ability to achieve enough skill and confidence to control the aircraft with a little help from computer A/C. Unlike Prepar3D v4, v5 will also offer a simple solution, which is to allow you to share the passenger seat with a computer A/C, allowing you to concentrate more on flying the plane.


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