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Vsevolod Chernov
Vsevolod Chernov

The History and Legacy of MS-DOS 6.22: A Retrospective Analysis

the week this source was created, the us presidential election was won by ronald reagan. it was the first time that the incumbent president was re-elected, and it was the first time that the incumbent party had won more than 50% of the popular vote.

Msdos 622 Source Code

the week this source was created the us apollo 13 mission was aborted. the astronauts had to use a faulty piece of equipment called a free-flying lunar module to reach the moon. it was the first time the lunar module had been launched into space. the us finally landed on the moon in 1971.

the current major update to vmsmount will be 0.6. we'll be ready to release it very soon, and in the meantime, there's a preview release of 0.6 available now on the vmsmount github page. we'll be releasing the source for this version, and also including the freedos package if you're using it.

the actual mouse driver interface in dos is called a mouse driver. dos doesn't have a command-line interface by default. it's possible to set up a command-line system, but i've never been able to get it to work without some major hacking. you can, however, use the mouse in dos if you don't like the command-line interface, by using an enhanced mouse driver. i've written an enhanced mouse driver to run in dos, which is very similar to the mac driver. the actual mouse interface is implemented in ms-dos, which is the operating system that ms-dos is built on. you can download the source code for the enhanced mouse driver from cutemouse on github. there is also a utility that allows you to install the driver and mouse in upper memory, so that it will not have to use any of the system ram. it's called cutemouse installer. this utility does not require cutemouse to be installed in the system root directory, although it will try to install it there. it will even try to install it in upper memory, even if it is not there.


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