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Homework (LO-FI Drum Kit) WAV Review: A Game Changing Collection of Drum Sounds - Music Radar

donnerstag, 31. mai 2012 15:55 uhr - klaus: so whats the deal with the note delay effect i hear in the loops? in most hip-hop music i write with (and listen to) that note delay is a staple in drums. i see it on every track in your library.

Homework (LO-FI Drum Kit) WAV

tracking, eq, compression, and panning are all good, but there are also more sophisticated effects that you can use on your drums. for example, you can use an eq filter to remove some of the midrange or high-end frequencies on a snare, or something similar. with compression, you can use feedback if you want to create some extra (sustained) distortion or slow down the drums or drums part of the song. try these effects and be creative with your drum sounds!

include clap and drum sounds in your drum racks to the beat and feel of each other. using midi choruses and riffs in the bass line or lead line racks can give you an extra kick if you need it. you can also use single notes as leads, or use the solo rack to provide chordal lines for the breakdown of your drums, adding in other elements if you wish.

there is a complete drum and snare component and bass component, guitar component, lead line component, lead rack and solos if you want to make this kit your your midi clip to a note, and you can sequence in a chorus loop and repeat it with a sequence. if you want, a scratch effect or even an invert can be added by changing the values in the claps and pads rack. keep in mind that you do not need to link each musical parameter to a tempo if you are just playing along with the midi and the midi is properly kept in time.


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