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Fidel Subin
Fidel Subin


The payout ratios at vary from around 60% to 110% depending on the contract types. The exact payout can be seen the right side of the trading platform. Traders should that note that the ratio changes constantly according to the market fluctuation.


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If you need a really professional application to integrate MT4 & MT5 to look at You can trade manually or automatically from MT4/MT5 whitout even opening website. Also, you can integrate mql4/mql5 EAs with it. offer options on forex, commodities, stocks and indices. Their asset lists are good. Currency pairs are the most comprehensive list. Combined with the huge flexibility of expiry times, offer a large range of options for traders.

HI Emmanuelle,You need use the same payment method for withdrawn and for deposit; your funds cannot be transferred to any other account. The minimun deposit is $5. Recommend you to start with more. Please come back to tell how is it going. In the demo account you can easily practice our strategies.Best, 041b061a72


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