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Warframe Second Dream Dialogue Choices

Please read the rules by pressing the "View Rules" button on the TSD category.This quest is more popular to run RTA, however IGT is still an option.## Mission 1 : Spy Mission**Strategy:** Hack both consoles.* This step can be constantly repeated as long as you do not complete it. Simply Abort, return to the Codex, Cancel Active Quest in the bottom right, and restart The Second Dream.* The countdown to failure for the first console is too slow and you will end up at extraction waiting for it to complete.## Mission 2 : Sentient Fragment**Strategy:** Run to the objective, wait for the dialog until Interact appears, then proceed to extraction.* The location to progress to the quest in second sharkwing area is always the same. It's a little tunnel on the left side of tile.## Mission 3: Stalk Stalker**Strategy:** Complete the objectives.* The void key will spawn in front of the portal (versus behind the console in older runs).* After you interact with the console in front of the moon, run to the locked door and wait in front of it until it unlocks. Check videos around 7 minutes if confused.* You can roll through the electricity fields to avoid minimal damage. Otherwise, you'll die.* The pattern after the console hack is: closest > opposite corner > same side > opposite corner.* Using a beam weapon such as Ignis can help if you have a hard time shooting the tubes.* Pray for no elevator RNG and spin2win Conculyst.## Mission 4: Protect the Moon**Strategy:** Complete the objectives.* You do not need to fight the Stalker during this mission.* Having a cloaking companion can mess with the security eye. It's highly recommended to not bring a Huras or Shade.* Standing on one of the two closest platforms closest to the security eye spawn will guarantee one will be destroyed initially.* Have the security eye aim at you from behind the pillar and offset yourself so the pathway hits the pillar from the side. Screenshot: [soon]* The security eye does slash damage. Blocking with your melee can mitigate most of the damage it does.* The bridge before the final door has a trigger. Take extra care not to miss this trigger or you'll lose time trying to make it up.* Don't hug the final door while waiting for it to open, you'll bug into it and have to /unstuck.## Mission 5: Save the Reservoir**Strategy:** Run to extraction.* Overlay map can help for the bigger tiles. It'll take practice still for knowing where it actually leads you to.* You do not need to kill any of the Conculysts/Battalysts and you are invincible when carrying your operator.* A frame perfect trick called "Moon Walk" can be achieved by spamming the roll button right after the cinematic ends. This will allow your frame to shoot forward for a single roll and activate a weird looking walking bug.## Mission 6: Face Stalker**Strategy:** Beat Stalker and then select options until completion.* The Stalker is notorious for bugging out in some fashion. Please ensure moderators are aware of any bugs with him.* Just tap your fire at the Stalker slashes.* Choose the bottom options during the dialogue.* If you're using keyboard/mouse, try not to move your cursor too much, so you stay hovered over an option.* Use Owl voice to significantly shave a couple seconds off your time.

warframe second dream dialogue choices

Lotus: "The Orokin murdered Margulis. Used her work to create Transference. Your mind, projected into a surrogate strong enough to withstand your power. It felt like waking up, but it was just a lucid second dream."

Lotus gives you some backstory into your past. The game will then allow you choose between one of the 5 Tenno "schools" of philosophy, and like a sort of personality test, based on some of the dialogue choices you make at this point it will recommend which School to choose. Although I regret picking Vazarin, do not pick waves it is by far the least useful School out of the 5) The school will unlock essentially a the Focus system, Tenno Skill true. A 5th ability.

At this point you have a few options here: explore the mine to the left to learn more of the background story, or go right as the voice demands. If you just want to finish the quest quickly, you can go right without any dire consequences (as long as you select the right dialogue choices at the end), though you won't get access to Reinald's Philter, which might be helpful if you're at a low level for this quest. Note also the mines will be locked again at the end of this quest, so if you want to do any exploring, you need to do it during this quest.

The dialogue that happens next, once you free him, varies if you explored or not. If you explored around and made Reinald's Philter, when freed he'll note his strength is fading and that the red miasmal has almost taken over. If you made his philter, he'll ask you to give it to him so he can expel it. In this case, there's a few optional dialogue choices here to test him. If you offer him the potion, the real Reinald will break through for a bit and knocks it to the floor so it can't be used as he tells you the spirit has taken over, otherwise if you choose to keep it, the real Reinald will warn you to drink it and finish the work he started. If you didn't explore, as soon as you free him, Reinald will instead begin to laugh and reveal it's not Reinald, but rather a possessed form of the witcher and begins to fight.

However, if you don't mention the priest that stayed behind beforehand (only given if you explored and learned of this) and then say Reinald is right, Reinald will kill the deacon regardless of your subsequent choices. In this case, the only way to save him on the "Reinald is right" dialogue branch is by mentioning that priest beforehand, asking what Reinald would do, and then say that the young deacon doesn't need the church.

There's also a third main option that'll show up if Funeral Pyres wasn't done (or didn't learn the truth about that priest) where Geralt can instead say not all priests are bad (this is a different option from the optional mention of the one that stayed in the mines), but this will lead to the deacon's death as well regardless of the next dialogue choices.

While most of the decisions made in Final Fantasy VII Remake will occur in the form of dialogue choices, there will also be a few other types of choices such as setting the bomb timer in Chapter 1, as well as a unique situation that presents itself in early Chapter 10. We will mark the choices available in each chapter and the result of each to the best of our knowledge.

Below, we list all of the FF7 Remake choices and consequences so that you can figure out what decisions you want to make to all of the chocies that matter. Note that we will be skipping the more utilitarian dialogue choices, such as simply choosing to end a chapter by entering a room, etc.

The rest of Chapter 8 doesn't have any dialogue or choices like the preceding chapters. However, the number of sidequests you complete here will determine Aerith's dress in Wall Market once you reach the next chapter, as well as determine which Resolution scene you'll see in Chapter 14.


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